Ialysos Rhodes

Ialysos Rhodes

It is located at the northwestern end of the island, 9 km southwest of the city of Rhodes at an altitude of 10 m. At the mouth of Trianta bay and is the second urban center after the city of Rhodes.

Ialyssos is today one of the most important island resorts in Greece with a large tourist infrastructure along the entire length of the beach.

Next to the modern city of Ialyssos have been found the ruins of ancient Ialyssos,  which is considered the capital city of the region of ancient Ialyssia and the oldest city of the island of Rhodes. It is estimated that it was built around 1,500 BC. The famous ancient Rhodian Olympian Diagoras also came from ancient Ialyssos. Ancient Ialyssos declined after the development of ancient Rhodes, from the 4th century BC.

City attractions include:

The Temple of the goddess Athena.
The church of the Assumption of the Virgin, near Apostolidis square.
The monastery of Agios Nikolaos (4th century), a special monument
The church of Panagia Filerimos (15th century)
The church of Zoodochou Pigi also of the 15th century
The underground Byzantine church of Agios Georgios of Hostos with great frescoes of the 15th century.